Flairform provides the most advanced nutrients and supplements for gardening in hydroponics, soil or coco fibre

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Flairform plant nutrients & additives

Flairform manufactures the most advanced nutrients and additives for hydroponics, coco or soil gardening.  These work flawlessly together from seed to harvest in either an outdoor garden or indoor grow room.

With Flairform, even inexperienced growers can get yields like the professionals!

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flairform growers guide 86Flairform Growers Guide
Provides simple but expert information on hydroponic lights (HID), nutrients, hydro systems, grow rooms, ventilation, cloning, pH, pruning…and much more

flairform dosage calculatorDosage Calculator
Use our online dosage calculator to automatically calculate the dosage requirements for your system.

flairform starter kitFlairform Starter Kit
Flairform "Starter Kits" contain the essential growth elements for obtaining maximum yields.

flairform hydroponic lightingLighting in Hydroponics
If you want to grow all-year-round, in many climates it will be necessary to grow indoors under  artificial lighting ...

flairform laboratory Professional chemists since 1966
Our experience in chemistry has enabled us to solve many of the challenges facing the hydroponic industry.

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