Step 1: Nutrient  
Step 2: Program Type  
Step 3: Reservoir size  
Step 4: Water's Conductivity or TDS Value     
Step 5: Dosage Units  


Step 1. Select nutrient type: GreenDream-1, GreenDream-2, OrganaBud or DutchTreat.

Step 2. Select program type. "Expert" programs are designed for growers wanting maximum yields. "Basic" programs are designed for where a more simplified feed schedule is desired. Note, hydroponics (hydro) includes NFT, aeroponics , deep-water-culture (DWC) and inert media based systems such as Rockwool, expanded clay, perlite and vermiculite.

Step 3. Enter the reservoir volume in litres or US gallons.

Step 4. Enter the conductivity or TDS value of your raw water to obtain a dosage target* in EC (mS/cm), cF or TDS (ppm)**. If you do not know this value, enter 0 EC (mS/cm) if the water is good quality i.e. soft and unsalty. If the water is hard or salty, enter 0.5 EC (mS/cm).

Step 5. Enter the volume of your measuring container in millilitres (ml) or teaspoons (tsp).

Contact us if unsure.

GreenDream-1 1-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco or soil

DutchTreat For hard or salty water in hydroponics, coco or soil

GreenDream-2 2-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco or soil

OrganaBud Organic based 1-part nutrient for soil

**Conversion chart:  For converting EC values to "ppm" for Hanna, Truncheon or Eutech TDS meters, and imperial volumes to metric.

*Dosage targets above EC ~2.8mS/cm (cF 28; 1,400ppm Hanna; 1,790ppm Eutech; 1,960ppm Truncheon) should be treated with caution.  They can cause growth problems such as burning of foliage.

Standard PDF charts for GreenDream-1, GreenDream-2, OrganaBud or DutchTreat

Flairform Dosage Chart (litres) | Flairform Dosage Chart (US Gallon)

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