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Aeroponic systems require no media (Fig 1.3). The plantís root system is freely suspended in a well ventilated reservoir. The nutrient is delivered as a fine mist or fog via the use of spray jets and a high pressure pump. This typically operates 24 hours per day.

Advantages of Aeroponic systems

-  Provides an oxygen rich environment for roots.

-  Avoids the supply, disposal and cost problems associated with medium based systems.

-  It is easy to disinfect roots and hardware.

-  The absence of medium makes it easy to inspect roots for signs of disease and feed adequacy.

-  Root zone EC and pH will equal that of the nutrient solution.

Disadvantages of Aeroponic systems

-  Pump failure can result in plant death within a few hours, especially in hot weather.

-  Spray jets are prone to blockages therefore filters and routine maintenance of the feed circuit are necessary.

-  Evaporation losses are high and unless the nutrient is replaced frequently, salt build-up can be rapid.

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