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Calcium, magnesium, iron additives


Combination calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) additives are used to help overcome or prevent the deficiency of these elements. The deficiency of these 3 elements can cause common symptoms such as blossom-end-rot (death of the end part of fruit), upward leaf curl, withered flower/fruit set, interveinal chlorosis and the death of terminal buds and root tips.

If the above mentioned symptoms are present, be sure to check pH and humidity levels. Excessive pH can cause both calcium and iron to become insoluble. Excessive humidity restricts the distribution (“translocation”) of nutrients throughout the plant and is a common cause of calcium deficiency.

Avoid using this additive with excessively hard make-up water because it can cause the build-up of white "scale". This can result in dripper blockage and a reduction in the amount of available sulfate - an essential plant nutrient.

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