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Growroom layout

Growroom dimensions 

Consider the following issues when designing a growroom:

-  Allocate sufficient clearance around the plants for maintenance.

-  Position plants at a convenient working height.

-  It is beneficial to have a minimum gap of 1 meter (3 ft) between the lamp shade and the ceiling. Because hot air rises, this space helps shift the maximum temperature further from the plants.

Location of inlet, exhaust and oscillating fans

As a general rule, try to keep the air moving in one direction as this creates and maintains air momentum. The ideal configuration depends on many factors including room size and shape, and the relative placement of equipment and plants within the room.

As a general rule, locate the ‘inlet’ and ‘exhaust’ at opposite ends of the room, with an oscillating fan maintaining the general airflow direction provided by the inlet (Fig 5.5). For wider rooms especially, employ multiple inlets and exhausts, and space them evenly across the width of the room. This will help ensure all air is replaced. Routinely check temperature and humidity at various points throughout the room to verify that the system is working effectively.

For best airflow, keep objects at least 1 meter (3 ft) away from the fan inlet.



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