Flairform Hydroponic Products


Flairform manufactures the most advanced nutrients and additives for hydroponics, coco or soil gardening.  These work flawlessly together from seed to harvest in either an outdoor or indoor (grow-room) environment.


Growers Guide & Dosage Chart

Flairform Growers Guide:  Provides simple but expert information on hydroponic lights (HID), nutrient types, nutrient management, hydroponic grow systems, grow room setup, ventilation, cloning, pH, EC, pest and disease control, pruning…and much more. 

 - Online dosage calculator

 - For a copy of the Flairform Dosage Chart:  litres | US Gallon



GreenDream-1  ONE-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil

GreenDream-2  TWO-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil

OrganaBud  Organic based ONE-part nutrient for soil

DutchTreat  ONE-part nutrient for hard or salty water


CMX  Calcium, magnesium & iron additive

GroStorm  Organic additive

BudStorm  Flowering additive

SilikaMajic  Silica additive

Pythoff  Nutrient conditioner for hydroponics & coco-fibre

StopBloc  Prevents plumbing blockages




Starter Kits

GreenDream-1  Contains nutrient, additives and Growers Guide

OrganaBud  Contains nutrient, additives and Growers Guide

DutchTreat  Contains nutrient, additives and Growers Guide


Foliar Sprays

TopFert  Foliar fertilizer for seed to harvest use

TopWet  Wetting agent for use with foliar sprays

Cuttings & Seedlings

TwinTech Starter  Day 1 treatment for cuttings

TwinTech Fertilizer  Complete fertilizer for seedlings

TwinTech Plus  Nutrient conditioner for seedlings




pH Control

Flairform pH Test Kit  Provide 800 tests

pH Up  Raises nutrient pH

pH Down  Lowers nutrient pH



Electrode Maintenance

Electrode Cleaner  Removes inorganic & organic contamination

pH Electrode Storage  Maintains electrode performance

pH Buffers 4.0 & 7.0  pH electrode calibration

Conductivity Standard  For EC, cF or TDS (ppm) meters

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