Conductivity Standard

For calibration of Conductivity (EC) meters in hydroponics

"With Flairform's analytical solutions, my tools are going an extra week between calibrations!"


Regular  calibration of conductivity meters is essential to ensure accurate readings.

  • Flairform's standard calibrates to 2.76mS/cm** (cF 27.6) at 25oC / 77oF
  • Formulated with NIST specified ingredients.
  • Stabilised to resist algae or growth formation:   'Growths' can contaminate electrodes and cause interference that 'distorts' electrode calibration.
  • Available in 250ml and 1L.

**Conversion chart:  For converting EC values to "ppm" for Hanna, Truncheon or Eutech TDS meters. 

Important:  Poorly maintained electrodes can upset the linearity (i.e. ‘slope’) of the readout values either side of the Conductivity Standard’s value. Thus it is essential to clean the electrode with Electrode Cleaner prior to calibrating.

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