pH Buffers 4.0 & 7.0

Professional pH Buffers for hydroponics

"With Flairform's analytical solutions, my tools are going an extra week between calibrations!"


pH meters must be regularly 'calibrated' (i.e. adjusted for accuracy) using standard pH buffer solutions which are made to an internationally agreed recipe.

  • Flairform's buffers are formulated with NIST specified ingredients.
  • Stabilised to resist algae or growth formation:  Growths' can contaminate pH electrodes which in turn affects the “slope” value beyond the software’s ability to compensate.
  • Available in 250ml and 1L.
  • Multilingual labels (pH Buffer 4.0; pH Buffer 7.0)


Electrode care:   Avoid placing electrodes in oily solutions as they can “coat” the electrode.  Further, avoid measuring (or leaving electrodes for too long) in  harsh chemicals. For example, highly caustic (e.g. pH Up, silica additives) or concentrated solutions such as raw nutrient*

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