Specialized ONE-part nutrient
 for hard, alkaline or salty waters

dutchtreat 250DutchTreat simplifies growing in poor quality waters. There are no rules - just add to water when and how you like.

  • Minimal pH maintenance required:  One of the difficulties of growing in  hard water is maintaining nutrient pH within the  optimum pH range of 5 to 6.5.
  • Fully soluble (no  blockages)
  • Helps prevent the build-up of hard water elements to nuisance levels  *e.g. calcium, magnesium and sulfate.
  • High levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus help promote vigorous foliage and  abundant floral growth.
  • Chelated  trace elements help prevent deficiency symptoms that often occur with hard, alkaline waters.
  • For hydroponics, coco or soil.
  • Available in Grow (3-1-6) & Bloom (2-2-5).
  • Multilingual label

*For hand fed soil systems only. Not suitable for hydroponics or coco fibre*

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