DutchTreat Starter Kit

Specialized nutrient system for hard, salty water

SK DT 135DutchTreat simplifies growing in poor quality waters. There are no rules - just add to water when and how you like.    The DutchTreat "Starter Kit" contains the essential growth elements required for obtaining maximum yields in hydroponics, coco-fibre or soil.

DutchTreat "Starter Kit" contains:

  • DutchTreat Grow, 946ml (1 Qrt)
  • DutchTreat Bloom, 946ml (1 Qrt)
  • GroStorm, 500ml  (16 Fl. oz.)
  • BudStorm, 500ml  (16 Fl. oz.)
  • CMX, 500ml  (16 Fl. oz.)
  • SilikaMajic, 250ml (8 Fl. oz.)
  • Flairform Growers Guide
  • Flairform Product Guide and dosage chart

Also available for GreenDream and OrganaBud

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